Monthly Archives: June 2014

Craft Corner – Boomerang

Boomerangs have been used for centuries by indigenous people predominantly for hunting but also more recently for sport and entertainment. Creating cardboard boomerang’s are a fun way to keep children active, allow them to use their creativity, fine motor skills and teach them about Aboriginal culture. For a fun afternoon activity follow the below method! […]


Cooking with Kids – Pizza Smiles

Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner for your children or just a fun activity of an afternoon these pizzas are sure to be a hit! And you might get to sneak in some veggies too! Ingredients 3 Light wholemeal English muffins ½ cup pizza sauce ½ cup pizza grated cheese ¼ cup green capsicum […]


Culturally Competent Children

Australia has one of the most diverse multicultural landscapes in the world with the 2011 Census revealing that almost one quarter of the Australian population were born overseas. As young and diverse as our country is, we are also home to the longest living culture in the world. For more than 80,000 years Aboriginal culture […]