Educator’s Day 2020: Let’s celebrate our Educators!

2020 has been a challenging year for many. Every family has been affected by the pandemic in some way or the other, be it financially or with disruption to our routines and lifestyle. 

Our Educators have always been the heroes and the backbone of our service. This year, they’ve truly stepped it up to superhero status, giving their all to ensure that the children in our care have minimum disruption to their routines in a sometimes-crazy world. 

At a time where parents have faced the stresses of a health and financial crisis, our centres have remained open. Educators have continued to care for the children that are able to attend, while also supporting the families staying home. 

We know that no amount of words of praise could ever make up for the selfless care and education they continue to provide little ones daily. But a little appreciation always goes a long way. 

We’ll be celebrating Early Childhood Educator’s Day this Wednesday, September 2. If your family would like to join the celebrations and thank your favourite Educators, we’ve gathered a few ideas below! 


1. Create a fun video with your child to send them on the day

Though COVID-19, we’ve seen a rise in the usage of virtual mediums, be it through FaceTiming friends and families or hopping on Zoom calls at work. It’s all too familiar to us now. So why not record a fun little video with your child thanking a special Educator for everything they’ve done? It may just make their day. 


2. Get the creative juices flowing with some artwork

Drawing and painting is not only therapeutic to do, but the end result can be so unique, personal and beautiful. Whether it’s thinking of words for an acrostic poem with the Educator’s name, or a little drawing of the Educator as a superhero, let your little ones go wild with imagination!


3. Brighten up their day

There’s nothing like receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers, especially ones that have been picked from your own garden! If you’ve got some flowers blooming, gather them up together with some decorative foliage, choose a pretty ribbon and you’re all sorted.


Whatever you choose to do, we have no doubt that it will not only make their day, but possibly their year. Thank you for supporting our wonderful Educators on this special day!